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Yoo-Jin Kang Headshot

In Solidarity and Allowing Space

by Yoo-Jin Kang
Last week was a pivotal and sobering moment for me. Long-standing issues of structural violence and oppression came to a tipping point, and the city of Baltimore was in the national spotlight. What was most amazing for me was seeing before my eyes the clear discrepancy between the actual events occurring in the city and the “events” that national media chose to highlight…

Vanessa Barksdale in Baltimore, May 1, 2015. Photo by: Connor Alexander

No Words

by Vanessa Barksdale
Riotous. Revolutionary. Uprising. Unseemly uproar. Its amazing how completely different words can be used to describe the same thing – Baltimore City. Whether we notice or not, the way wediscuss the city has the capacity to build it up or tear it down further …

Denise Meringolo

Weaving Our Stories into the History of the Baltimore Uprising

by Denise D. Meringolo
Too often in the past, the history of protest and civil unrest was shaped by official accounts. They may capture the perspectives of police officers, government leaders, and even high-ranking activists. However, they inevitably leave out the perspectives of the very people who were directly affected …


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