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Lee Boot

Themes in Baltimore’s Story

by Lee Boot
A number of us from UMBC have been working with partners from across Baltimore–artists, civic leaders, and faculty, staff and students from local colleges and universities–to plan for the Imagining America conference (October 1-3, 2015). In preparation for a recent meeting of this Baltimore Organizing Group, I put together a rough summary of themes that had come up in our previous meetings: a highly abbreviated account of Baltimore’s distinctive history, and its urgent challenges and opportunities, as seen through the eyes of the group’s members…

Jill Wrigley

Finding Community in Common Ground

by Jill Wrigley

When asked how many raised plots in the UMBC Garden their family would like, Ba Zo and Na Lun, my course collaborators and refugees from Burma, turned their gaze to an unused swath of land nearby. Ba Zo smiled and said: “We’d like to have all that. We could grow a lot of food.” Along with my students, I followed his gesture…


The Need to Care about Other People and Insist upon Justice

by Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
Someone asked me if I thought our students would come out for something in Baltimore. And I said, “I have no doubt.” Thousands of our students and faculty and staff care deeply about children and families in our city, because that’s who we are. This is about all of us; about our country, not just about Baltimore…


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