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Andy Clark

Reflections on Imagining America: Change the Paradigm, Change the World

by Andy Clark
The bus to downtown Baltimore was due to leave the UMBC campus at 8:00 a.m., but I was not at the stop when it arrived. To make a long story short: I missed the bus twice and had to take the one at 10:00 AM, getting me to the door of the Walter Art Museum just in time …


Reflections on Imagining America: An Undergraduate Voice

by Manisha Vepa
For me, the recent Imagining America conference was the culmination of ten months of meetings, conversations, and logistics planning with other members of the UMBC community. Historically, IA had a low turnout of undergraduates, which was partly why I was invited to the planning committee…

Jasir Qiydaar

Reflections on Imagining America: Empathy for Baltimore (and Beyond)

by Jasir Qiydaar
Attending the Imagining America National Conference was an excellent experience. Doing so allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals, who came from a variety of backgrounds, about social issues…


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