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I Cannot Sit Idly By

by Sarah Lilly
The most common question I hear from other students when talking about UMBC’s Student Government Association is, “why do you do it?” That, or the more frustrating “what’s the point?” Well, I am so glad you asked…

Criticize Injustice, Not Resistance

by Jasir Qiydaar
Too often when marginalized communities resist oppressive systems, people criticize the act of resistance without addressing the issues these groups are speaking out against. In fact, the victims of injustice are often more heavily scrutinized than the sources of their oppression are…

We Are Alive: Reflections on Imagining America

by Andrew Thompson
What [can] I do to change the things in this world that I truly believe are hurting us? I will proudly say that I’m a feminist, I support Black Lives Matter, that I’m “here and queer” yet still I see the same pains in our world nearly every day. I walk through the Baltimore Harbor area and watch police officers casually swing their batons like fashion accessories…