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BreakingGround Grants Available

by Beverly Bickel and Eloise Grose
UMBC faculty, staff and students can apply for BreakingGround grants to support courses and projects that develop civic agency: the capacity to initiate and make meaningful contributions to social change. Since BreakingGround’s launch in 2012, the BreakingGround grant program has supported 34 courses and course-based projects, and 22 additional projects …

Vanessa Barksdale

Black Issues are Retriever Issues

by Vanessa Barksdale
Can I be candid? Sometimes being adamantly and publicly pro-black is hard. Particularly when you’re supposed to be the one that has a snappy comeback for every single high profile and racialized incident having to do with Black people. Its almost impossible…


All That Power

by Bentley Corbett-Wilson
A friend came up to me last night and asked me, “How’s it going with all that power?” I thought for a second, and I said something along the lines of “You and everyone else who’s a student here are the ones with all that power. I’m just a primary voice for the power” …