UMBC faculty and staff discuss course redesign concepts at a BreakingGround meeting.

Do you have a concept for an innovative course that would promote civic engagement at UMBC?

BreakingGround grants of up to $2,300 are available to faculty from all disciplines to support the development of new courses, redesign of existing courses and/or research projects focused on civic engagement at UMBC. Faculty may apply as individuals or as teams.

To be considered, proposed courses must increase participants’ awareness of their power to have a collective impact, on and off campus; deepen their sense of connection to each other and their communities; or inspire social entrepreneurship.

Required Application Components
Title Page: (1) Faculty name, department name, address, phone and email address. (2) A one-paragraph abstract.

Narrative: (1) Description of the proposed civic engagement course or project. (2) How will it help students develop the skills and dispositions to take responsibility for solving problems that are important to them? (3) How will it facilitate students’ integration of the theories in your course and the practice they will do? (4) How will your proposal address and promote BreakingGround values? (5) What measurable results/outcomes will your course/project produce that are related to BreakingGround? (6) How will you assess students related to the BreakingGround-related outcomes of your course? (7) How will it contribute to the integration of civic engagement within your academic department and the broader institutional culture? (8) Estimate the number of students to be engaged. (9) If you have received any other BreakingGround or teaching innovation grants, please describe your project. (10) If you are applying to BreakingGround after having received a grant, you must be collaborating with another faculty member, preferably from another department, so please explain how this collaboration will build on and extend the work from your first funded course.

Attachments: (1) Evidence support from your department that the course you propose will be offered during the academic year, 2013-14. (2) Evidence that your proposed activities will continue to have impact beyond the grant award. (3) A budget and budget narrative.

Download the complete BreakingGround RFP Spring 2014. For best consideration, submit your Spring 2014 proposal by September 18, 2013, to Steve Bradley (sbradley@umbc.edu), Michele Wolff (wolff@umbc.edu) and Bev Bickel (bickel@umbc.edu). Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have an idea but need assistance with the process, please contact Stephen Bradley.

BreakingGround grants are funded by UMBC’s Office of the Provost.


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