UMBC’s Office of the Provost has provided funding to spark curricular innovations through BreakingGround. The initiative’s course development grants support faculty in creating new courses and modifying existing courses that empower students as civic agents.

Spring 2014 Courses + Projects
Mapping Baybrook: Arts, History, and Culture in the Classroom and Community (Nicole King and Stephen Bradley)
Media Influences on Environmental Discourses and Action (Rita Turner)
Mill Stories (Bill Shrewbridge and Michelle Stefano)
Building Intergenerational Relationships Through Technology (Galina Madjaroff)
The Longwood Apartments Project (Constantine Vaporis and Julie Rosenthal)
UMBC Kinetic Sculpture Race Team (Steven McAlpine)
Race, Poverty and Gender (Jodi Kelber-Kaye)

Fall 2013 Courses + Projects
Space and Place in Public Art and Urbanism (Preminda Jacob)
Engineers Without Borders (Lee Blaney)
Save Our Trees:  Interrupting English Ivy (Mary Rivkin and Donna Anderson)
American Culture in Global Perspective: Ideas and Issues in Critical Heritage Studies (Michelle Stefano)
Food: An Interdisciplinary Exploration (Jill Wrigley)

Spring 2013 Courses
Student Success Ambassadors (Jackie Wilson, Cassie Bichy and Ericka Thompson)
Theater of Lived Experience (Alan Kreizenbeck)
Studies in Feminist Activism (Kate Drabinski)
Environmental Justice (Dawn Biehler)
Documenting Cultural Heritage in Partnership with Communities: Sparrows Point, Baltimore (Bill Shewbridge and Michelle Stefano)
Power, Place and Identity (Theodore Gonzalves)

Fall 2012 Courses
Mapping Baybrook: Arts, History and Culture (Nicole King and Stephen Bradley)
Impacting Baltimore through Engineering (Panos Charalambides)
West Side Stories: Public History and Urban Revitalization (Denise D. Meringolo)
Learning from Older Americans (Carolyn Forestiere)
Environmental Politics (Roy Meyers)
Technological Solutions for Accessibility (Amy Hurst)
Social Action in Baltimore (Jessica Guzman-Rea)
Researching Civic Engagement (Bev Bickel, Craig Saper and Rita Turner)

Beverly Bickel, Research Assistant Professor of Language, Literacy and Culture, shares her course concept at a BreakingGround planning seminar for faculty.

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