BreakingGround Grants Available

Beverly Bickel is a clinical associate professor of language, literacy and culture at UMBC. Eloise Grose is Program Coordinator, service-Learning, Community Partnerships at UMBC’s Shriver Center.

Bev Bickel 2eloise-groseUMBC faculty, staff and students can apply for BreakingGround grants to support courses and projects that develop civic agency: the capacity to initiate and make meaningful contributions to social change. Since BreakingGround’s launch in 2012, the BreakingGround grant program has supported 34 courses and course-based projects, and 22 additional projects involving research, innovative practices, and community engagement. Grants have typically been in the range of $1.500 to $2,000.

Funds for BreakingGround grants have been provided by Provost Philip Rous. The grants seek to advance UMBC’s vision of “redefining excellence in higher education through an inclusive culture that connects innovative teaching and learning, research across disciplines, and civic engagement.”

The application form is available online. However, you do not need to have a fully developed concept to get started. We would love to talk with you and connect you with others involved with BreakingGround to help flesh out your ideas. Contact us: Beverly to talk about grants to support courses and course-related projects, and Eloise to talk about grants to support other civic agency-building projects. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact the authors: Beverly Bickel at, and Eloise Grose at

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