BreakingGround Community Program Showcase

Sara Leidner is coordinator for student organizations and involvement in UMBC’s Office of Student Life.

Sara Leidner 2As a member of the BreakingGround Community Program Committee I’m excited to share that on Wednesday March 4th there will be a BreakingGround Community Program Grant Showcase. From 12-1pm in Commons 318, UMBC community members are invited to a luncheon to celebrate, share experiences, network, and problem solve.  For the first time, past BreakingGround Community Program Grant recipients and those interested in learning more about BreakingGround initiatives will come together to share their progress and talk about ways to make meaningful, long-term contributions to the campus or surrounding community.

Since August 2012, faculty, staff and students have developed 17 innovative programs (including 6 this past fall semester) through BreakingGround Community Program Grants, with funds provided by the Provost’s Office. Funds are still available for the spring semester, and I encourage students, faculty, and staff to apply. We are looking for programs that position the participants to learn about issues, build connections, apply their creativity, and deepen their community engagement.

In addition to attending the upcoming showcase, you can also learn more about the grant application process by meeting with the BreakingGround Program Grant Committee. The committee is available to help applicants at all stages of their proposal writing process. The committee helps applicants with brainstorming (for those who are early in their planning process) and refining proposal drafts. If you are interested in getting further support, please email me to set up a meeting. Additionally, check out some other programs that have been funded in previous semesters: Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014.

I hope to see you at the BreakingGround Community Program Grant Showcase. If you’re able to attend, please RSVP by Friday February 27th.

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