UMBC’s Nohe, McNeely and Allen Named Baltimore Social Innovators

David Hoffman is UMBC’s Assistant Director of Student Life for Civic Agency.

David HoffmanTwice each year, the Warnock Foundation recognizes Baltimore social innovators with small grants to support their projects and profiles in the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. Among the 12 honorees for winter 2015 are a UMBC professor and two recent graduates of UMBC’s doctoral program in human services psychology, each of whom is being recognized for a project supported by a BreakingGround grant.

Professor Tim Nohe (Visual Arts), director of UMBC’s Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA), was recognized for a project through which he is making the rich natural and cultural information available within a Baltimore urban forest accessible to area residents and visitors. He is collaborating with UMBC Geography and Environmental Systems professor Matthew Baker to use GPS technology to create an inventory of the forest’s features.

The Baltimore Social Innovation Journal | Timothy Nohe.

Jessica McNeely and Allyssa Allen, who completed their doctoral studies at UMBC in 2014, launched Project Insight as graduate students to gain insight health challenges affect central west Baltimore neighborhoods, and to help and empower residents to take action to address them. Jessica and Allyssa shared the story of the project and its outcomes in a recent post on this site.

The Baltimore Social Innovation Journal | Jessica McNeely and Allyssa Allen.

Congratulations to Tim, Jessica and Allyssa for this well-deserved recognition!

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