Not Just About the Food (BreakingGround TV)

David Hoffman is UMBC’s Assistant Director of Student Life for Civic Agency.

David HoffmanWhat does BreakingGround look like in practice? It’s another question I’m asked all the time, and because BreakingGround takes many forms (engaged scholarship, courses, projects, events, cultural practices, everyday interactions), there is no simple answer. But these three videos involving people at UMBC working on issues relating to food, community, health and justice, created by students in Bill Shewbridge’s TV production course for UMBC’s “In the Loop” program, convey a sense of the range and spirit of BreakingGround activities.

1. Joby Taylor, Director UMBC’s Shriver Center Peaceworker Program, interviews graduate student Charlotte Keniston about her work  with Pigtown Food for Thought.


2. Joby Taylor interviews Jill Wrigley, a community activist who teaches a course about food systems in UMBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, about her projects on campus and beyond.


3. Joby Taylor interviews Jack Neumeier, ’16, Interdisciplinary Studies, about The Garden, a new campus resource designed to teach, build community, and foster civic agency.


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