A Place for UMBC Entrepreneurs

Achsah Joseph, ’12, Interdisciplinary Studies and Media & Communication Studies, is a Communications Specialist with UMBC’s Office of Institutional Advancement

Achsah JosephIn my sophomore year at UMBC, I took POLI 205: Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship. Through the class, I worked with a group of students to find out a way to promote civic engagement and human rights issues at UMBC. As we put together a proposal, we struggled to find a place to meet in order to discuss and improve our ideas. The Commons was too noisy, the library was too crowded and classrooms were always in use. We needed a place that would allow us to work on our project but also let us interact with like-minded people with whom we could share ideas, receive feedback and refine our plans.

That space didn’t exist then, but it does now. In February, the Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship opened the Entre-space, a place for students across all disciplines to gather and work in an entrepreneurial environment. At the grand opening, students shared their stories, projects and vision for the space. There was even an announcement on a white board—a student already utilizing the room to ask for help with his project. Located in the Academic Services Building (old Theater), Room 139, Entre-space plans to host workshops on topics such as starting a business and pitching stories to the media. Members of the entrepreneurship faculty and business community will also use the space to hold office hours, offering mentoring and guidance to students.

George Karbatis, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of UMBC's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor, speaks at the Entre-space opening.

George Karbatis, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Director of UMBC’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor, speaks at the Entre-space opening.

At the opening, I spoke to Vivian Armor, director of the Alex. Brown Center, who said, “Entre-space will help create a sense of community among students interested in entrepreneurship on campus.  It will be a place where they can network, learn and develop their business ideas.  It’s exciting to think about what might result from having this space available to students on campus!”

For as long as I have been here, UMBC has encouraged students to take ownership in their campus, sponsoring classes like POLI 205 and contests like Prove It! and the Idea Competition. That’s one of the many reasons I was excited to come back to UMBC as a staff member after spending a year abroad following graduation. The Entre-space supports this spirit of ownership by offering a meeting place and resources for students to work on their ideas and in doing so, better our campus and community.

Contact the author, Achsah Joseph, at achsah1@umbc.edu.


  1. As an alum (’08) and a small business owner, I’m so excited to see this happen. Go UMBC!

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