RecycleMania Parade (3/10)

recyclemania parade 2014 flier The RecycleMania Parade will be taking place on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 12PM at the Performing Arts & Humanities Center. It will continue down to the University Center Plaza with a speech from President Hrabowski and end with a celebration at the Commons Terrace. There will be Electric Vehicles floats designed by groups from across campus, food, giveaways, bikes, segways, dance and musical performances and more!

Recyclemania is an 8 week intercollegiate competition that rallies the UMBC community around school pride and our excellence alongside many other institutions across the nation. UMBC started competing 7 years ago after joining the Presidents’ Climate Commitment. Since then, UMBC’s Greenhouse Gas emissions have dropped by 13% and have a goal of 25% carbon reductions by 2020. By tracking and publishing weekly data on recycling and waste rates, there is hard evidence that individual efforts adds up to make an enormous difference

The first 3 weeks of Recyclemania has reduced UMBC’s carbon emissions by 128 Metric Tons, the equivalent of taking 25 cars off the road, or the energy consumption of 11 households.  Reducing, reusing and recycling protects our planet and our climate. Find out more information on myUMBC and the Sustainability Matters at UMBC website.

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