New Statues Show Retriever Colors

Kelsey Krach, ’14, Cultural Anthropology and Spanish; Travis Bell, ’14, Psychology and Political Science; and Cami Sotela, ’13, Psychology, founded and organized The Retriever Project, which placed fiberglass versions of UMBC’s mascot, painted by student artists, at several locations on campus.

GroupThe Retriever Project statues are finally installed outside of the Albin O. Kuhn Library, The Commons, and the Performing Arts and Humanities Building. Although we’re including photos in this post, be sure to get out there and see them (we promise they are way cooler in person!)

It’s amazing to think that just two and half years ago, The Retriever Project was simply an idea: a way to make the campus more vibrant, and to symbolize students’ creativity and campus spirit. The time we spent planning, changing our ideas, discussing among ourselves, and enlisting partners seems to have flown past in the past few semesters. We are really excited to see the statues on the ground and we hope that people are enjoying them as well!

This project was “ours” at the start, but it hasn’t been our own for a long time. It lives now in the relationships we built along the way, and in the recognition by members of our community that the statues represent them.  We hope that The Retriever Project continues to live in the hearts of each and every person who calls himself or herself a UMBC Retriever. That being said, we are still very interested in hearing your opinion and feedback.

The project remains a work in progress. In the next few months, we will be installing plaques on the bases of the statues crediting the designer and artists. Additionally, we will be working on our online blog and Facebook page to keep you updated with anything going on in the world of TRP. In addition, our plan is that it becomes a UMBC tradition to install new statues every two years reflecting new creative expressions of our campus values and culture. That being said, this project will only succeed with the involvement of new students, faculty, and staff. So, if you are interested in helping to leave a legacy at UMBC, let us know

Retriever Project 2

Retriever Project 1

Contact the authors: Kelsey Krach at; Travis Bell at; and Cami Sotela at



  1. Jill Randles says:

    Congratulations on getting such a wonderful project started. I hope we will support students in continuing the work you have begun. Really a wonderful way to reflect UMBC and its values. KUDOS!!

  2. Thanks for helping make our campus a more beautiful place!

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