Being Green Off Campus (November 22, 2013)

Karly Trinite ’13, Environmental Studies, is the Sustainability Outreach Intern in UMBC Off-Campus Student Services

Karly TriniteThis semester, through my internship with UMBC Off-Campus Student Services, I have been researching opportunities for students to make choices that protect our local and global environment. I’ll be sharing the outcomes of my research–information students can use to become more active participants in promoting sustainability–at Being Green Off Campus, sponsored by Off-Campus Student Services (November 22, 2013, noon-1:00 p.m., Commons Main Street). I promise this will be fun (and tasty): the event will feature games, organic produce taste testing, giveaways, and free pie and hot drinks.

My goal in designing this event is to address topics students are passionate about: saving money, making healthy lifestyle choices and promoting sustainability. Among the topics to be addressed: alternative transportation options, recycling off campus, saving money with “greener” behaviors, and benefiting from organic foods.  This event is made possible through a collaboration involving numerous UMBC offices, staff members, student organizations and student leaders, including UMBC International Education Services (IES), the Athletics Department, student leaders from UMBC’s Community Garden and the Cycling Club, UMBC Sustainability Coordinator Tanvi Gadhia, and Students for Environmental Awareness. I hope to see you there!

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