Our Year of Transformation

David Hoffman is UMBC’s assistant director of student life for civic agency.

David HoffmanA year ago, BreakingGround was an idea among hopeful members of the UMBC community who were eager to deepen UMBC’s culture of democratic engagement and make more visible the tremendous work already underway across campus.

In the months since BreakingGround’s launch in August 2012, our conversations around this idea have become powerful vehicles for action: innovative courses, projects, programs and individual contributions aimed at solving problems and strengthening communities. And all of this activity has attracted considerable attention, including a front-page story in the Baltimore Sun and a salute from Commencement speaker Nancy Cantor, Chancellor and President of Syracuse University. Dr. Cantor reminded our graduating seniors that, through their time at UMBC, they’ve already gained experience as agents of positive social change.

Here is a look back at the most popular stories on the BreakingGround website this year. I’m proud of all of this good work, and eager to see it expand in the year ahead.

1. UMBC Engineering Students Foster Development of Clean Water in Kenya

Dr. Blaney and Dalton Hughes with Evelyn Ayuma and her family.

2. Voting and the Election Night Extravaganza

Election Night Extravaganza

3. Who Are the Poor?

Greg Rosenthal

4. Who is Sondheim?

douglas sondheim statue

5. Transforming the Here and Now


6. Our Own Take Back the Night

UMBC partners working together to bring Take Back the Night to campus. L to R: Mickey Arora, University Health Services Health Education Coordinator; Jess Myers, Women’s Center Director; Susan DuMont, Office of Student Life Coordinator for Fraternities & Sororities. All are members of the Women’s Center Advisory Board.

Contact the author, David Hoffman, at dhoffman@umbc.edu.

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