First Year Council Addresses Weekend Dining Options

Violet Haya, Bentley Corbett, Laura Hoelzer, Saniya Chaudhry, Tahlia Tavai, Sandy Nguyen, Emily Bernstein, Steven Nguyen, Imani Spence, Sara Kim, Michelle Seu, Amanda Quinn, Eva Benvenga, Poulomi Banerjee, Sohha Ariannejad, Anthony Nguyen, Elizabeth Sines, Hayden Marshall, Ari Zaya and Molly Nicholson are members of UMBC’s 2012-2013 First Year Council.

fyc 2013We are the UMBC First Year Council (FYC), a diverse group of freshmen and transfer students who are trying to make positive change on campus for everyone. We were nominated for our problem-solving skills and campus involvement by various campus organization leaders. This year, we met once a week discuss how we could improve campus life from the perspective of new students. Here are our reflections on the year:

We explored a variety of issues that affect student life, and noticed dissatisfaction with campus dining options available to students on the weekend. We worked closely with Chartwells and UMBC administrators over the past few months in order to improve the dining experience of the UMBC community. After weeks of brainstorming and consideration, the Council has come up with the following option: opening a small food vendor in the Commons during the weekend in addition to the big food vendor that is already open, and rotating among vendors on a schedule.

If you are a current student at UMBC we want to hear your thoughts on weekend dining options. Please complete our survey by Sunday, May 19th.

We are so exited to meet next year’s First Year Council. Information on how to join FYC will be available at Involvement Fest on September 4, 2013!

The First Year Council is supported through Student Life by a peer advisor (Sam Spehr for 2012-2013) and staff advisors. Contact FYC through staff advisors Virginia Byrne at or Sara Leidner at


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