Accessibility Hack Day

Sara Leidner, UMBC’s coordinator of student life for student organizations and involvement, is the chair of UMBCServes.

Sara Leidner 2BreakingGround Community Program Grants fund innovative educational projects related to social change developed by UMBC organizations and departments. The grants are an incentive to transform what might otherwise have been one-shot service opportunities into forums for the development of civic agency. The grants program is administered by UMBCServes, a group of UMBC staff and students supporting opportunities for applied learning and community engagement.

I’ve been talking to some of this year’s grant recipients, asking them to share their ideas and stories. This video features Shaun Kane, a member of UMBC’s faculty in Information Systems, who shares the excitement and momentum behind the upcoming Accessibility Hack Day (tentatively scheduled for April 5-7, 2013).

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my conversations with grant recipients in the coming weeks.

Contact the author, Sara Leidner, at

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