Civic-Minded Courses Spring Up at UMBC

Dinah Winnick (Square Photo)Dinah Winnick is a communications manager in UMBC’s Office of Institutional Advancement. Delana Gregg is assistant director of the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program.

UMBC faculty are offering a number of innovative courses this spring that encourage students to flex their civic engagement muscles. These classes offer great Delana Greggopportunities for students who want to address real-world problems, lead successful social change projects, connect with on- and off-campus communities, and become creative social entrepreneurs.

Course descriptions are available through the 2012-13 catalog and BreakingGround-funded courses are indicated with an asterisk (*).

AFST 385/ POLI 340: Problem-Solving in the Urban Black Community (Terrence Hickey)
AMST 358: Documenting Cultural Heritage (Michelle Stefano)
AMST 420/630: Power, Place, and Identity (Theo Gonzalves)
ENTR 201: The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Gib Mason)
FYS 102M: Conflict Resolution Education: Handling Conflict Constructively (Sue Small)
FYS 102S: The Deaf Community and Its Culture (Denise Perdue, Suzanne Braunschweig)
GWST 200: Studies in Feminist Activism (Kathryn Drabinski)
GES 302: Changing Context of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Margaret Holland)
GES 424: Environmental Justice (Dawn Biehler)
HAPP 403/SOCY 403: Introduction to International Field Research (Mary Stuart)
HONR 300: Race, Poverty, And Gender in Baltimore (Jodi Kelber-Kaye)
SOWK 200H: Social Issues – Social Action (Jessica Guzman-Rea)
THTR 390: Theater of Lived Experience* (Alan Kreizenbeck)
LRC 101A: Student Success Ambassadors Program* (Jackie Wilson, Cassie Bichy, Ericka Thompson)
PSYC 216: Foundations of Leadership Development (Lee Calizo, Virginia Byrne)

Contact the authors, Dinah Winnick and Delana Gregg, at and


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