Dec. 1 Mapping Baybrook Event in Baltimore Magazine

Dinah Winnick is a communications manager in UMBC’s Office of Institutional Advancement.

Mapping Baybrook logoThe community event our students have been working toward all semester is coming this weekend and everyone’s invited.

You might recall Mapping Baybrook from earlier posts on this blog. It’s a BreakingGround course in American studies and visual arts where students have partnered with Brooklyn and Curtis Bay community members to produce materials recording the area’s history and culture. It culminates with a community celebration Saturday, Dec. 1, 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the Polish Home Hall, 4416 Fairhaven Avenue in Curtis Bay. The event will also launch the new Mapping Baybrook website, designed in collaboration with UMBC’s Imaging Research Center. It previously appeared in the Gazette and has now also been featured on the Baltimore Magazine blog “The Chatter.” Check it out.

You can reach the author, Dinah Winnick, at To learn more about Mapping Baybrook, contact Nicole King at


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