BreakingGround Course in the Baltimore News

As a member of the BreakingGround team, I was so proud to spot this fabulous article on UMBC’s BreakingGround-funded course Mapping Baybrook in the Maryland Gazette. It describes the class as “a collaborative and interdisciplinary exploration of place that blends digital mapping technologies with research into the history and culture of an industrial community.”

Under the guidance of faculty Nicole King, American studies, and Steve Bradley, visual arts, “the students went into the community to talk to its residents, and to document and preserve a sense of place and memory,” the article notes. To learn more, read this recent blog post by Mapping Baybrook participant Collin Wojciechowski ’13, political science and media and communication studies.

Everyone is welcome to attend a community celebration with the students and local residents at the Polish Home Hall, 4416 Fairhaven Ave., in Baltimore, December 1st, 1:00-5:00 pm. The event will include live music, recordings of residents’ stories, artworks they’ve inspired and a local walking tour brochure, and it will mark the launch of the Mapping Baybrook website, designed in collaboration with UMBC’s Imaging Research Center. Tickets are $10, with proceeds benefiting the nonprofit Baybrook Coalition.



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