Collaboration Produces GSA Art Gallery (photos)

Romy Jones, a doctoral student in UMBC’s Language, Literacy & Culture program, is Community Liaison for the Office of Graduate Student Life.

A process that began with a reorganization of office furniture, and a conversation among UMBC graduate students about what to do with the bare walls in our office, has culminated in the creation of a new art gallery.  The beautiful gallery, a collaboration between UMBC’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Imaging and Digital Arts (IMDA) program, is a modest symbol and example of meeting a challenge by leveraging our community’s assets.

In this case, we knew our IMDA graduate students were producing remarkable works.  What we discovered when we reached out to people affiliated with the program was that they were eager for an opportunity to help create our collective experience of the campus. The art they produced serves in part as a monument to the idea that UMBC graduate students are producers, not just consumers, of our education and of the university itself.

GSA is especially grateful to Shana Palmer and the students from ART 610, as well as IMDA Graduate Program Director Steve Bradley, who turned this vision into reality.  UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski, Provost Philip Rous, Vice Povost and Dean of the Graduate School Janet Rutledge, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences John Jeffries, Associate Dean of the Graduate School Robert Deluty and graduate students from many departments took time out of their busy schedules to pay tribute to this community building project that celebrates innovation and collaboration among graduate students, faculty, and administrators.

If you missed the GSA Gallery opening, there is still time to appreciate the wonderful contribution and talent of UMBC’s IMDA students by stopping by at the GSA office in The Commons 308. The current art will be featured until the beginning of next semester, when new pieces will cover the once-bare walls and refresh the space.

UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski, IMDA Program Director Steve Bradley and Provost Philip Rous at the GSA Gallery opening.

President Hrabowski, GSA President Doaa Rashed, and GSA Senator Inte’a DeShields

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