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Dinah Winnick is a communications manager in UMBC’s Office of Institutional Advancement.

At UMBC, registration for spring 2013 was delayed briefly due to Hurricane Sandy, but it’s now in full swing. I’ve heard thought-provoking and inspiring stories from faculty and students participating in the first set of BreakingGround courses — stories they will share on this blog in the coming weeks. These conversations have gotten me excited about courses coming this spring that will help UMBC students get engaged in core issues that matter to them.

One highlight is Alan Kreizenbeck’s upcoming BreakingGround course “Theater of Lived Experience” (Theater 390), which will invite a mix of students with and without intellectual disabilities to create scenes and monologues based on memorable life events. The material will be performed at the end of the semester in a way that is “both personal and public.” I’d love to sit in that audience!

Is there a course you are particularly excited about for the coming semester?

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