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Teaching Power, Globally and Locally (BreakingGround TV)

by Dinah Winnick
Since BreakingGround's launch two years ago this month, I've had dozens of thought-provoking conversations with faculty and students working together to address real-world problems in ways that both educate and empower. Thanks to New Media Studio Director Bill Shewbridge and students in his TV production course, I'm delighted to now share two of those thought-provoking conversations…

Katie Cano

UMBC’s Katie Cano appointed MHEC Student Commissioner

UMBC undergraduate Katie Cano, ’16, Political Science has been appointed to serve as the sole student member of the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) for 2014-2015. As the student Commissioner, Katie will work with MHEC’s other members to establish policies and make decisions regarding …


Not Just About the Food (BreakingGround TV)

by David Hoffman
What does BreakingGround look like in practice? It’s another question I’m asked all the time, and because BreakingGround takes many forms (engaged scholarship, courses, projects, events, cultural practices, everyday interactions), there is no simple answer. But these three videos involving people at UMBC working on issues relating to food, community, health and justice, convey a sense of the range and spirit of BreakingGround activities…


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