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Remembering Sparrows Point

by Bonnie Bowen
Sparrows Point Steel Mill helped shape the lives of hundreds of thousands of steelworkers and associated personnel for well over a century. The Mill has had a large role in my life as my husband worked there until he was laid off in 2012, but my story is not unique—it is one of many. In the Baltimore region, it is often hard not to find a family whose life had not been touched in someway by Sparrows Point Steel Mill…

Camila Sotela

Today, in Prison

by Cami Sotela
Today, I went to prison for the first time in my life. I was lucky enough to visit the correctional facility with some students and co-workers. We spoke with a group of men, some of who are incarcerated for life, and they told us about their leadership group focusing on positive change. They allowed us into their world, both past and present…


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