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Kelsey Donnellan 2

Cultivating Health and Community

by Kelsey Donnellan
The leading cause of death in the US is diet-related disease. This is preventable. We are all surrounded by the statistics and stories of misery. I, for one, feel overwhelmed. How do we stop this? I believe the best solution would integrate local movements, policy changes, and marketing overhauls…

Elaine MacDougall

Contemplating Child Literacy in Cherry Hill

by Elaine MacDougall
On Friday, September 19th, three UMBC students and I experienced our first day of tutoring through a partnership with Reading Partners and Friendship Academy at Cherry Hill. As we journeyed around the loop surrounding the UMBC campus toward the exit ramp to 95, the students were quietly contemplating some questions…

Katie Cano

Working on the Leader in the Mirror

by Katie Cano
One of my earliest memories features a four-year-old me, dejected and bitter, sitting in my kindergarten class thinking that I would be a better Class President than the boy chosen by the classmates with whom I spent six hours a day. Even then I felt like I needed to prove to people that I could be someone…


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