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Action Research Against Health Disparities

by Jessica McNeely and Allyssa Allen
In the years leading up to our decision to start Project Insight, we worked on a number of research projects investigating the influence of neighborhood factors on health and well-being. If the data were disheartening, driving through the neighborhoods was downright heartbreaking. The geographic lines of social injustice in Baltimore City are profound and impossible to ignore…

Mark Zachar

Alternative Spring Break: Good Step toward a More Perfect World

by Mark Zachar
We all have a sense of what a perfect society might include: peace, fair distribution of wealth, access to health care and food, equal rights for all, etc. And we all know that we have a long, long way to go to achieve these things. But should the impossibility of immediate and total success deter us from trying at all? No! …

Kelsey Donnellan 2

Cultivating Health and Community

by Kelsey Donnellan
The leading cause of death in the US is diet-related disease. This is preventable. We are all surrounded by the statistics and stories of misery. I, for one, feel overwhelmed. How do we stop this? I believe the best solution would integrate local movements, policy changes, and marketing overhauls…


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