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Not Just About the Food (BreakingGround TV)

by David Hoffman
What does BreakingGround look like in practice? It’s another question I’m asked all the time, and because BreakingGround takes many forms (engaged scholarship, courses, projects, events, cultural practices, everyday interactions), there is no simple answer. But these three videos involving people at UMBC working on issues relating to food, community, health and justice, convey a sense of the range and spirit of BreakingGround activities…

Detroit 1

A Tale of Two Cities, Remixed

by Beverly Bickel

Mainstream media coverage tells us that Detroit is a failed city, a story told through images of desperately unemployed people, abandoned city blocks, and crumbling factories, images that can provoke fearful speculations of people in Baltimore. Are we next? But the recent Allied Media Project conference in Detroit was filled with artists, youth leaders, media activists, students, teachers, researchers, writers, filmmakers, and community organizers who gathered to think about current and long-term solutions to seemingly intractable social problems. I was struck by the insistence that we learn our histories and tell our present stories in order to be able to imagine the future tales of these two cities–one where I was born and the other where I have lived for the last 25 years…


Civic Agency in Practice: American Democracy Project Takeaways

by David Hoffman
The American Democracy Project’s annual meeting took place earlier this month in Louisville, Kentucky, with UMBC sending 18 participants: the largest of all the campus delegations. Our team of students, faculty and staff members led two presentations and hosted a roundtable discussion about practicing democracy on campus, shining a spotlight on The Garden (winner of this year’s SGA Prove It! competition) and the STRiVE student leadership retreat. Here are thoughts from members of the UMBC delegation about what we did and what we learned in Louisville …


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