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Wheelchair Basketball 1

Engaging People of All Abilities

by Theophilus Aluko and Andrew Brow
Earlier this semester we worked together to create a wheelchair basketball tournament at UMBC, as a first step toward a more inclusive campus culture and experiences for people with all levels of physical ability. This is our story…

IA Save the Date 2015 Conference

UMBC Will Host Imagining America’s 2015 National Conference

by David Hoffman
Imagining America is a national consortium helping to reshape higher education’s contributions to democracy by enabling scholars and artists to “thrive and contribute to community action and revitalization.” At UMBC, ideas developed with and by Imagining America’s leaders have become BreakingGround cornerstones…


Action Research Against Health Disparities

by Jessica McNeely and Allyssa Allen
In the years leading up to our decision to start Project Insight, we worked on a number of research projects investigating the influence of neighborhood factors on health and well-being. If the data were disheartening, driving through the neighborhoods was downright heartbreaking. The geographic lines of social injustice in Baltimore City are profound and impossible to ignore…


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